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Many companies have shifted to Work-From-Home set up as a result of the Pandemic.  This poses a great challenge for HR Practitioners as they scramble to manage HR operations virtually.  The HR Club Learning session discusses tips and guidelines on how to set up your Online HR Operations.

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Now more than ever, HR practitioners must go digital to fulfill their functions and rise up to the challenges that the new normal brings.  How does one learn and adapt technology in the field of HR?  What skills do HR people need to learn? How can you become a competent Digital HR Manager?

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The Covid-19 Pandemic is both a health and financial crisis that has affected companies and employees.  Not only can it make people sick or even cause death, medical costs can wipe out a person’s life savings.  As employers and HR practitioners, how can we help our people survive? How can we assist them in ensuring their health and wellness amidst this challenging time?

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One important lesson that the Pandemic has forcefully shown us is that crisis can happen anywhere, anytime…when you least expect it.  Although we have no control over cathasthrophic events in our business and in life such as COVID-19, we can contol our reaction and readiness to handle these major events.  Let’s talk about how we can crisis proof our business in this upcoming learning event session.

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