About HR Club Philippines

HR Club Philippines is an exclusive membership community for Business and Human Resource practitioners.  This club was initiated by Businessmaker Academy as a professional network for Human Resource education and support.

We are dedicated to the advancement of Human Resource Management as a profession and a service.  Our activities are primarily directed towards building an active network of HR professionals who are dedicated to improving methods, techniques and practices of Human Resources.


  1. To build an active network of HR practitioners
  2. To share knowledge and expertise on Human Resource Management
  3. To improve methods, techniques and practices in Human Resource Management.
  4. To provide helpful tools and quick references that will simplify HR work.
  5. To encourage HR practitioners to benchmark and learn best practices in Human Resource


As members of the HR Club Philippines, we are recognized as a responsible part of the HR community.  We are expected to be governed by the following code of ethics and rules of conduct.

Each Club Member is expected to:

  1. Acknowledge his/her obligation to society as a whole, to the organization for which he/she works for and the HR club for which he/she belongs to.
  2. Pledge his/her effort to the advancement of HR education and practices.
  3. Commit to active participation to the club by attending the HR meet ups or sending alternate members to such events.
  4. Uphold security and confidentiality of the HR club’s resources.  This includes not sharing passwords and access IDs to anyone.
  5. Strengthen and spread the name and reputation of the HR club.
  6. Respect the privacy of HR club members.
  7. Seek permission from the HR club before sending any information or message to the member.
  8. Acknowledge the right of the HR Club to withdraw his/her membership if found to be violating this Code of Ethics.