General Membership Questions:  

How do I join HR Club Philippines?

New members can join by signing up online using the membership application or by downloading and emailing this printable membership application to mrm@businessmaker-academy.com

How much does membership cost?

Membership Fees are based on membership type and perks. Click here for detailed benefits plans and pricing.

How long does it take for a membership to become active?

Members who send their application should have their membership activated within 24 work hours after the receipt of payment.

How long is my membership good for?

Premium and Basic membership are valid for one year and renewable every year.  Lifetime membership comes with a one-time fee only subject to terms and conditions.

Can students register as a member?

Yes, students may register for any membership perks they wish to avail.

Changing Membership:

What does it mean to upgrade your membership?

Upgrading your membership involves a change in membership level (Basic to Premium or Lifetime, Premium to Lifetime). Upgrading your membership can only be done until the third month of your subscription) Your expiration date will not change.

I’ve moved. How do I update my address or change my profile?

Update your details by calling 6874445 or emailing mrm@businessmaker-academy.com.

Is there an option to cancel membership?

You may cancel your membership anytime however payments made is non-refundable.