Terms & Conditions

  1. Club perks and packages are subject to change depending on club direction, technology updates, etc.
  2. Club members may upgrade membership within 3 months after payment date.
  3. In case the Authorized Member moves to another company, the membership and perks will be retained according to the membership classification. Please update your contact details regularly.
  4. All club member discounts to seminars and events may be applied to the club member’s current company employees and/or co-workers.
  5. The Free Seminar for Premium & Lifetime members is not convertible to cash and must be availed within the year.
  6. Lifetime Members may avail of unlimited refresher sessions to attended seminars only. This is non-transferable.
  7. Lifetime Members only pay a one-time fee but are required to complete at least 12 units of continuing education for themselves or any of their employees every year.

i.e. Seminars/Events = 3 credits/day

Refresher session = 1 credit/course

Survey participation = 1 credit/survey

  1. Lifetime Membership may be revoked for non-compliance of continuing education requirements or violations of code of ethics