Training Programs for Your Company

Busy managers and business owners know that it is important to train their staff so that their employees will know how to work efficiently and perform well in the workplace.

Most of the time, however, busy managers do not have the time to train their people as they have other equally important and more urgent work on hand. As a result, training is put on the back burner, often forgotten, until the company experiences mounting problems, accidents or customer complaints.

What is not realized, however, is that effective and continuous learning is important so that problems and accidents can be prevented, while customer complaints can be managed by properly trained staff.

When you effectively train your people, you can expect your company to enjoy higher productivity and morale which will translate to happier customers and better profitability. That is why it makes absolute sense to invest in training your people.

Getting Started

In order for you to effectively train your people, you will have to assess what training programs you currently have in place. Then you’ll need to determine what type of training your people really need. There are different knowledge and skills that each of your employees may need depending on their positions, jobs and areas of responsibilities.

Here are the most common types of training you can provide your people. The more programs you have, the better. But training should also be appropriately matched to the people who need it.

Orientation Training

This is essential if you want to make sure that your newly hired employees start right. Orientation training provides new employees with a good overview of the company’s history, rules of conduct and policies. It helps newbies adjust better with their work environment. If done right, you may be able to inspire loyalty and a sense of belonging that will help you keep your recruits.

Product Knowledge Training & Testing

Regardless of the position or responsibilities of your employees, product knowledge is vital. It is beneficial for your company if everyone has at least a basic knowledge about your products and services so that they can talk about it and spread the word. Meanwhile, more in-depth product training and regular testing are also essential for your sales and support team to ensure the success of your company.

Technical Training

Some positions require technical training, especially for employees that need to operate machines, high-tech equipment or computer programs. Even if your newly hired employees have had technical training from technical or vocational schools, they still need to adjust and learn to use the type of equipment or program that your company uses. And as technology gets upgraded, your employees need to get updated as well to keep up with the times.

Professional Skills Training

Professional know-how and conduct do not come naturally to many people. It comes with the right exposure and experience. Training employees on professional work attitude, customer service, corporate image and etiquette will increase the credibility and reliability of your people. More importantly, it will enhance customer experience.

Leadership Skills Training

For people who show promise and who you would like to promote, leadership training will prepare them to handle the challenges that they will face as supervisors or managers. Important leadership skills such as decision making, planning, communication and people management skills can be developed through training.

Business Skills Training

Specific business functions such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations Management are essential business skills that every manager should know. If you focus on developing your employee’s business skills, your company will run smoother.

Employee Benefits & Retirement Training

Some generous companies provide extra training for their employees and it can even extend to their families. Having been in the training industry for more than a decade, my company has provided training for our corporate clients, not only on essential skills that they need for their jobs, but also for personal and livelihood development. It is an extra benefit that they give to engage their current employees or maintain goodwill with retiring ones. It shows that the company cares and this goes a long way.

Does your company have all of these Training programs in place? Are you able to match the right people with the appropriate training?

You may have some of these programs in place and you most likely wish you can do more, but how do you find the time to do all of these? Check out Businessmaker Academy’s Seminar List to get ideas on training programs you can provide your employees.


Note:  This article was originally published at Manila Bulletin Newspaper.

Jhoanna O. Gan-So is president of Businessmaker Academy and HR Club Philippines.  Her organization offers public seminars and in-house training on Human Resource Management and Business Skills Development.   You may email your comments and questions to: