What recruitment method and test can I use for hiring Sales Officers?

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I need to hire several Sales Executives for our company. What methods and test can I use to ensure that I hire good sales people? Hope you can provide some ideas and tools.
There are many methods and tests you can use for hiring Sales People. However, it is important to first define the skills and qualities that you are looking for. Since most Sales People need to have above average interpersonal and communication skills, you may want to use several recruitment methods and tests such as interview, comprehension tests, personality tests, sales simulation or product demonstration. The interview is useful to get to know the applicant and how well he can present himself. The comprehension test will determine general intelligence. The personality test can give you an idea of the preference and inclinations of a person. While the sales simulation or product demonstration will let you see if the person has what it takes to sell a product. The best sales people have 'hunger' that keeps them motivated and the drive that pushes them to exert extra effort just to close a sale. Try to find that extra quality by probing into their motivations. Lastly, you also have to set achievable sales targets during the probationary period and monitor their sales performance closely to see who are the keepers. Hope this helps.